Reaching out tentatively

I’d like to start posting my poetry but I’m not sure…of much these days, so here goes.
skin is not too bright
wanting without any sense of propriety
skin feels all but knows nothing
convenient numbness
might be the answer
then again maybe not
a challenge to feel
might push the skin into trouble
wordless and clueless
deaf and dumb
then scorched like a marshmallow
over a bonfire
aflame with embarrassment
ruined completely
listen to the heart
it says
‘stop, skin; wait for me
i know, i sense
only i can keep you safe’
the fires of strangers
are real dangers
loved, the skin is tamed
behaves perfectly
hangs where it belongs
until invited

Louie Spooner BucklinĀ  copyright 2015

Lazy day

I was feeling all relaxed and lazy; sitting in bed at about 12:30 PM (I love to wake at the crack of noon) when my senses were overtaken by the aroma of BROWNIES cooking nearby. I put on a robe and went down to the kitchen to find no brownies anywhere. *WAH*

The windows on all sides were open on the third floor where I sleep, etc., so it could be from anywhere within three or four houses in any directions. When I went down later, dressed to go out, there was a Keycon meeting just wrapping up, and they had chocolate chip cookies that were chocolate, which eased my jones a little, but they also had some gluten free ginger cookies, soft and chewy that were absolutely fab!

Shopping got me the brownies I really needed as well as juice, milk, and flowers for my lovely hosts.

All about words

Even the pictures are about words; Surface, the image I chose for my site, was a slow building up of layers of color that were allowed to develop on the medium before new color or texture was added.

Watercolor is one of my favorite of the light based media. I have worked in tempera with fair success, but watercolor is my first love as far as color is concerned. I will be adding more examples of the use of this in the near future. The color wheel design done in tempera is from 8th grade.

My life as a moveable feast has just begun!