Those last two poems are not reflective of my current mood. They were written months ago. I am feeling better tonight than I have in quite awhile. I am on the brink of setting up to sell some flashy sequined balls I have been working on for a half a year. I started after finding materials left over from 1999 when I did them just as Christmas decorations.

I dragged them along when I visited friends last fall and was surprised to find that I enjoyed doing them even more than I had fifteen years ago. Later, friends commented on the fact that I might want to make some just as art objects. I had been trying to paint and draw, but my hand eye coordination is not so good because of a movement disorder that was the result of a head injury. The sequins are fixed to styrofoam with pins and I can move one if I need to change the placement.

So far I have done about forty five of them. I have about ten with me, most of which were made in the last couple of weeks. Today I bought fixative to keep the colors from rubbing off. Then I need to figure out how to get good pictures of them to post online. I am excited and pleased!

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