you tell the truth to me
is truth all fact or does truth lie
when it turns sideways and laughs
as if to say do you believe me
when i say i promise you that is right
you understand that when I say this happened this way
that i approach the truth take off a piece to carry with me
and pass it on to you when time seems right
factually nothing is the way it seems
dry and crumbled mixed with sweat and tears
cast in stone like a brick you build with
when you put it all together will it stand
is that how the truth is made
facts show the bumps and edges
lies in fact to trip over falling
our faces smashed like pulp
in the process
processed facts loose their value quickly
all flavor flies out the chimney
chasing the dreams dearly held
how has harmony been saved by this
thick coating of dust mixed with color
carried into the view vanity vivifies
faces thought dead
do not assume

Louie Spooner Bucklin  copyright 2017

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