the safe place

in the dark  uncertain how to go
i turn my gaze inward and feel the motion
still in my bed i remember myself again and in my mind i rise
speeding through the universe in five or more directions at once
me in my mind the vehicle steps out  rising higher and higher
first the whirl of the first circle i feel the thin skin of life
that wraps the orb of earth

then the magical motion
this world passes around and around
the orb of our star

extending consciousness
i catch the magnificent race of our star
within the arm of the galaxy

exultant and excited
the wings of the galaxy fly
quickly passing my imagination
but i know i move
i believe

out and out
farther and farther until
the scale becomes almost more
than I can encompass
thought fails

my heart my mind my spirit
embraces the wholeness and sings
what is next who knows
a wall a door a window
open for me

i sing
within the framework
the universe the cosmos the totality
dreams come to tell me
this is the way

Louie Spooner Bucklin                           copyright 2017


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