dreams of otherness

sometimes late at night I lie awake and push with my mind
against the fabric of the world around me hoping to find a connection
somewhere someone is looking for some one to talk to to hold to love
okay maybe not love but someone looking for intelligence
feeling that their world can’t be the only place
there must be a mind to find
behind the barriers
below the eye
out there

an experiment in thought i tell myself no point worrying
he/she/they will find me if they want to but why would they
other than the thought surely this is something that everybody does
then I start to drift thinking what was i thinking what was it
something good it something interesting and then
sleep descends and it is lost
not as lost as other
near sleep ideas

it wastes nothing to think about stuff and it occupies my brain
while I wait for sleep or friends from out there to take me away
it must be better than nothing and advanced peoples surely could
hear or feel or sense in some way my hunger for the beyond
it is never enough for me the here and now
keeps me hopping most of the time
day by day and night by night
moving forward in time
waking and sleeping
he/she/they are there
waiting for me


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