sifting through the miscellany
left of her former life
you know that person died
and i am left to tell this
trying to piece together
what it was before

no longer holding out
no restoration will occur
a total loss all in all

now I find a space left
in this shell where once she was
is it emptiness or opportunity
that looks to me
to be filled

holding to herself did not serve her well
no one trusts a silent guest
no one looked to help
she turned away and held
feeling all of it inside
her solution was to die

i am lifting my head and looking
around where i find myself
sorting through little remnants
is there a history to be written
is there an explanation
that can be found
in any of it

burn the memories each and every one
warm my hands and walk away
there is little so say of her now
but i am moving out and away
i will hold my head high
and get on with the business
of living after death

my twin soul made a tight fit anyway
now there is room
for growth


Louie Spooner Bucklin     copyright 2016


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