wilderness of my soul
arrived here to find nothing for me
but work and prayer
for peace

while gone you proceed
believing i am gone for good
thinking it all has been finished neatly
nightly counting the names
of those who fell behind
but i have not

gone ahead of you
i made a map of invisible ink
only love will show
how to go

loving myself as i once loved you
giving all i have in doubt and dreaming
arrived here with a plan
written in flames

standing alone
i give me the prize for winning
i give me all the time i need
it is covering the cost
for waiting til now
to come home

gone so far you fade from view
i did not break the rules or the promises
left to die i fought for breath and will
now i stand in this empty place
puzzled and hopeful

wilderness of my soul
drawn from pain and pressure
finished in time for peace
to come at last


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