eating truth

eating truth

nothing is as you imagine it
no matter how you try it isn’t like that
your words and your rememberings fail you
until you surrender to the spell
then you will see the truth

words tumble and bump against everything
elbowing each other like children in the lunch line
it’s not that the lunch is so desirable
but it’s a thing to have
even if you reject it

wanting to hear and be heard
wanting to get what you think you need
regarding the reality of food on a plate
and the elbows you endured
getting it to the table
seeing it again

will you swallow it in haste
or push it around to make a different picture
mashed potatoes become mountains
vegetables clash red on green
words unruly sentences odd
cover the plate and spill
into the mind and
onto the page

ideas are a dime a dozen
inspiration a faithless lover
take nutrition under cover of  darkness
whisper to your ghosts about hunger
avoid gazing into the light ahead
unless you really want to learn
what you very likely already

Louie Spooner Bucklin copyright 2016


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