on the road

on the road

feeling at station having arrived without knowing where
or why or anything that directs the purpose of my days
halted searching for the map of what lies ahead
sun blinded athirst and weary seeking somewhere anywhere

puzzled even troubled waiting for something anything
clues hidden away from easy discovery in shadow or in glare
words fail as yesterday tapers away and tomorrow mocks
where to reach where to grasp what is fair in all this

failure looms to one side great fortune to the other
clinging to the middle face against the glass hot or cool
exiting offers a way but mutely whispers warnings
step carefully through barriers manage hems and cuffs

leave no trace in this place for those that pursue to find
return into the gloom doors close station fading out of sight
breathe easy as escape shows itself at hand too easily
this is only the beginning of the end after all



Louie Spooner Bucklin              copyright 2016


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