ponder divinity if you will
unknowable or obvious giving the appearance
of having been there since whenever
having come and gone
left behind the seed
of life and chaos

and we stumble and stagger
along the path we find ourselves upon
back or forward up or down
give me a map i will hike
whether it be thorns
thickets,  manicured
trails, formal
or not

gardens of our wonderings
and our wanderings without plans
climb up and perch on the top
to get the scale of it
find the light
if you can

given a clue early on one is tempted
to raise a hearty raspberry and a bite me
back to the biting stinging creatures one encounters
surprise! delight? flummoxed and deceived quite naturally
swollen to ripeness out of sheer spite
left in darkness and doubt

where does the divine hole up when night comes
when does the air clear and the light sufficient for this
one true attempt to know the matter
of life given in faith and love
sowed with care
and hope

teasing the answer scampers ahead
just beyond reach of outstretched arms
always a step or three away
stumbling and staggering
drunk on life

no hiding the obvious no knowing the unknowable
accepting the simple fact of being without knowing
where or why, any question becomes absurd
judging where we are by where we have been
and the time it took to get here
reality faints at the threshold
divine intervention
drawn down



Louie Spooner Bucklin   copyright 2016





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