Finally!  I got my cable installed and moved my big chair and ottoman into place. Now I can get up in the morning get my coffee and sit with the TV on while I check the news and weather online. Waking and sleeping are two critical times for me. I suspect that we all have things we are accustomed to that make these times pleasant, and deviation from them bothersome.

For me, Internet and coffee at waking and reading and light snacking in bed are for bedtime. I will now have these things again. Huzzah!

Looking at this place with all the furniture I brought from storage has me wondering if they will all work together or do I have to eliminate something. It doesn’t make any sense to have the room so crowded that I have to climb over furniture. I’m good at this kind of thing, so I don’t predict failure.

I stayed in all day yesterday and enjoyed it greatly. Today I have to go out and get filtered water at the market, and probably a few other things. Here’s hoping I don’t have to hike to my car in the rain.


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