More moving

Tired. Very tired. Think I’m coming down with a cold. I got kind of soaked last night waiting for roadside assistance to open my car for me. I locked my purse in the car along with the cell phone apt. key, etc. Then I was told  that I had to pay $84 as i had used up all my calls. I thought I was paying for unlimited calls. I am extremely upset at Allstate for this and I plan on changing plans.

Then today I waited eagerly for Comcast to come install my TV and internet stuff, while working to clear the space for the guy to do the work. He was supposed to come between 12 and 2 PM At a few minutes before 3 pm I called and was told that my install appt. had been canceled because they hadn’t documented my paying some back due charges. they didn’t call me to let me know this.

You see I have this futon chair with wide flat arms on it that is perfect for having a trackball on while I sit in comfort with my laptop with my feet up on the huge ottoman. The chair is heavy, and I didn’t remember how to fit the back and seat together into the body of the chair. I got konked pretty hard on the noggin when the back came down in the middle of all this.

After working on that and finally getting it together I waited. I was patient. I thought, “Sure someone will call me apologetically any minute.” Nuh-uh. No call.

I was really hurt and angry and managed to hold their feet to the fire and got them to agree to give me free installation, which is a $50 add-on to my regular charges.I will have to wait until next Monday, but I am no longer addicted to having my internet up as I  have my coffee. They are the only cable internet service in town and I really have no other choice. The savings makes it almost worth the hassle.

T-mobile will be losing me as a customer as I am applying for a free phone through the government plan. That is on my agenda tonight: to fill out the forms and get the proofs they want of being a qualified low income person. I have had problems with T-Mobile and will not care at all that I no longer use their services.

In any case, this kind of balances out the good and the bad in regards to this move. So it goes….


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