Repeat visitor

So, I’m back in a previously used camp spot of mine and the old guy who visited me last time around shows up with MORE RASPBERRIES!!! Can never have too many of those things.

I guess he sees that I have purchased firewood and states, ” What are you doing that for. I have tons of wood up at my place.”

This sounds like an invitation to drive up that lovely paved driveway that I have been curious about for months. Beautiful big pines and landscaping; house so far up the hill that it is hidden from sight.

The next day, the old guy comes around carrying armloads of well aged nicely cut wood. Old guy throws the wood to the ground, then set himself down, and proceeds to chuck three or four pieces of the wood onto my campfire (saying, “..let’s have some warmth..”) which was built for cooking, not for warmth.

See, I just sit and watch, and when he’s goes, I proceed to rearrange the fire to my needs.

The next day, he shows up again and asks, “Do you need more wood yet?” I tell him that he all but invited me to raid his woodpile. He laughs and says, “Oh, you could visit.” I ask “So if I drove up your driveway past the security system, you won’t call the police on me”. He laughs again and says, “No, I won’t call the police on you.”


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