once i held the keys to a castle in the air
where my love and i would live forever
he made it sound like heaven,
he filled my eyes with dreams
he locked the door and set it all ablaze
with me inside trying to find the ways
crying to my only one
don’t leave me here to die
please open up the way so i can find you
but he left

he went away
left me here to die
and now i walk the skies at night
i hope i make a pretty sight
blazing as my heart still burns quite hot
so many things he promised me were not
very simply vanished gone in smoke
on tears and smoke hot ashes now i choke
come to me here in the sky my own true love
hold me in your arms and feel my fire
come and share my final bed

come into my pyre and take my hand
forever we will travel through this land
come join me for eternity pinned against the sky
for did you not believe that we could fly
you told me so so many times, you know
that our love was eternal, our life would never end
and unto love’s dominion you would bend.
come share with me the fruits of love destroyed
and taste the bitter cup that you employed
to lure me into living there

i thought that you were coming
until i smelled the smoke and saw the fire
i wander in the heavens without end
this is what you made of love so pure
everything i had i gave unto you
only heat and light and motion

Louie Spooner Bucklin        copyright 2015


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