To the woods! Away!

Now that the weather has cooled off I plan on heading back to the woods tomorrow. I have my easel and supplies and I hope to do some serious painting while there. I’m going to try taking a look at High Island again; I suspect that I will not stay there, as they do not remove the horse manure nor is there a vault for disposal. It all just gets pushed to the side of the road or the ravine depending on which side the trailers are near.

I failed to find my water color paper and brushes. I only had two good watercolor brushes, though, so buying some new ones makes sense. Good watercolor paper, though, is very expensive and I will probably buy only a few sheets at a time. Need mixing trays and containers for rinse water as well. That’s another reason to check out High Island; the art supplies in St Peter at Gustavus Adolphus College bookstore were really cheap. They are only a ten minute drive from High Island. I did get my portable easel and found my roll of drafting tape while rooting around in my storage space yesterday.

I’m now on the waiting list for the subsidized apartment tower that James has lived at since May 15. It’s an interesting location, right on the edge of downtown Minneapolis. The 24 hour security guards are really good at  their job. Visitors have to sign in; I saw someone who didn’t live here who had not signed in and was prevented from getting on an elevator in the lobby just last evening. I feel very safe here.


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