see the cuts
apart from the dross
piles of memories slaughtered
to extract what has not been ruined
wrap the good and freeze it
try not to slip and fall
where blood and organs
lay spilled

in the abatoir
years wait for dispatch
nervous but clueless
take this one now
it is fat and full
overfed by
love’s fancy
falters as the end
rises to free it

a life
pictures posed and wrong
letters filled with lies
songs that shaped the days
undue roughness
wretched faith
fighting to survive
steps to the block
take it all for given
take it all

blood  is truth
futures plain
foretell how feeling
lied with words
killed with wicked spite
took in hand
helpless love

put it in line
with all the others
ready for it’s demise
along with honor
hope pulls back
faith struggles
love expired

life escapes
resolve remains
it is enough
to know this path
leads away from it
leaving behind memories
smeared with gore
fit for flies
and dogs

Louie Spooner Bucklin  Copyright 2014


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