Once again, back from the woods

Rain was in the forecast for last night and this morning, so I tore down my tent yesterday. I was surprised and sent into emergency mode by a brief rain shower with large warm raindrops that had me scrambling to get my sleeping bag and tent into the car just as I had spread them out to dry and air out. It only lasted about six or seven minutes, thankfully, and I was able to dry both items.

The weekend brought out the horse people again; I’ve become accustomed to the smell of horses and I am enjoying seeing all the different breeds. There were three more roan Tennessee walkers that arrived yesterday; a champagne, a black and a chocolate.

This week I am moving my stored household goods into cheaper space. It will be larger, so I can sort stuff out and divest myself of most of the furniture and a lot of the household goods. I have quite a bit of collectable glassware that I want to photograph and sell online. Most of it is carnival glass, but I have a bunch of blue glass, old glass insulators, and some of the green Mason jars. There are also a bunch of books that I can probably sell to a dealer, like graphic novels and very old SF pulps. Transferring the stuff will be a big expense, but I should be in the black after two months.


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